Workshops Announced

"Lean for Knowledge Work" w/ Jim Benson & Mark Graban

Register Now for Phoenix March 10, 2014
Register Now for San Antonio March 12, 2014

Globally recognized Lean luminaries and recipients of the Shingo Research and Publication Award Jim Benson and Mark Graban will once again join forces and bring their acclaimed  “Lean for Knowledge Work” to the Southwest.

Past attendees of their full-day workshop in Seattle hailed from big business, the nonprofit sector, software, government, healthcare, and education, all interested in the manner in which Lean universally helps visualize, track, and improve work.

Workshops will be comprised of two components, with Jim teaching “Personal Kanban” and Mark teaching “Kaizen” or, continuous improvement.

Register now for Phoenix March 10, 2014

Register now for San Antonio March 12, 2014

Attendance is limited, so register soon.

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