Lunch&Learns Solve Team Training Problems

Do you have limited training budget? Do you have a distributed team? Do you have an immediate training need and can’t spare an entire day or two or three?

Welcome to the real world.

Last year we noticed that most of our clients had at least two, if not all three of these issues, so we started a program we call “Lunch&Learn”. We started getting together with our clients and their teams for 90 minutes on Google Hangout. We would then have an extremely focused training. Then people would go back to work.

It’s been extremely popular, so now we’re introducing it to the world.

The Format:

We meet on Google Hangout. There is a short 30 minute lecture, then 60 minutes of directed conversation. The goal here: To Learn and Immediately Apply.  Afterwards, you get a set of Modus One-Sheets (sample) that describe in-detail a tool or concept mentioned in the lecture. The One-Sheets are helpful future references that reinforce the learning.

Why This is Interesting:

Focus - You pick a topic that is of immediate need to the team. We’ve done topics as broad as root cause analysis and as narrow as  a specific issue raised in a kaizen event or retrospective.

Relevance - Topics you choose are of immediate need to you and your team. You know they need the guidance and so do they.

Immediate Application - The conversation afterwards are geared bolstering the lecture, understanding your context, and helping create ways to quickly apply the learning. Our goal here is to have the Lunch&Learn be so useful that it’s discussed and applied that day.

Real Experts - Modus Cooperandi provides award-winning experts not only to train but directly consult and coach.

Affordable - For less than the cost of admission to an off-site training, an entire team can benefit.

Co-Learning - Don’t just send a select few to go be trained, have the entire team learn together. This is especially valuable for distributed teams who can participate together regardless of location.

Dynamic - This isn’t a one-way webinar, this is a live two-way discussion.  

The First Flights:

Sign up now for a dedicated Modus Lunch&Learn training on:

April 17, 2014


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