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Modus Cooperandi works with companies of all sizes - from one person just starting out to the largest companies and government organizations on earth. We help find new, sustainable ways of working.  The process will change. The goals will change. The products will change. What endures is the desire to work right, work well, and work together.



  • Progressive Insurance

  • Northwestern Mutual

  • SafeCo Insurance (Liberty Mutual)


Retail & restaurants

  • Starbucks

  • H & M Stores (Sweden)

  • Nordstrom

  • Legal Seafoods

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  • Scripps Networks (Food Network / HGTV / etc.)

  • Comcast

  • NBC Universal


Banking & finance

  • AMP (Australia)

  • Sparbanken Vest (Norway)

  • Commonwealth Bank (Australia)

  • J.P. Morgan Chase

  • RW Baird

  • The World Bank


heavy industry 

  • Turner Construction

  • Boeing Aerospace

  • Oneira Corporation (Canada)

  • StadtOil (Norway)

  • General Electric Appliances

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Health care 

  • University of Washington Medical Center

  • Seattle Children’s Hospital

  • Philadelphia Children’s Hospital

  • Memorial Care

  • Stanford University

  • UCSF Health Care



  • Avvo

  • Cisco (UK, US)

  • Limeade, Inc

  • Gyft.com

  • Yellow Pencil

  • Trimble FSM Division

  • Microsoft

  • Trimble Accubid

  • LeanKit

  • Riot Games

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More Tech

  • Media Temple

  • Dubspot

  • SocialFlow

  • BT (Formerly British Telecom)

  • The Library Corporation (TLC)

  • SocialText

  • JackBe

  • MIT (Management Information Tools)

  • Valtech (France)


And still more tech

  • Spotify

  • Intuit

  • Depiction, Inc

  • Trimble Construction Logistics

  • Tango Card

  • Asset Management International

  • Marchex

  • 1i0, gmbh (Germany)

  • Attachmate

  • Avega Group AB (Sweden)


Global Government

  • World Bank Group

  • Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences (Vietnam)

  • UK Overseas Development Institute (Vietnam)

  • United Nations Development Programme (Vietnam)

  • United Nations Environmental Programme (France)

  • United Nations Food and Agricultural Office (Global Team)

  • CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

  • United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (iFAD) (Italy)


federal Government

  • Sandia National Laboratories

  • United States Patent and Trade Office

  • United States Forestry Service

  • United States Department of Transportation

  • United States Customs and Immigration Service

  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs

  • LMI


  • University of Washington

  • Barnard College

  • Stanford University

  • Courtsense, Inc

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state and local

  • Grand Rapids Fire Department

  • WA Liquor and Cannabis Board

  • Washington State Department of Ecology

  • KZN Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Commerce (South Africa)

  • King County Executive Services

  • WA State Department of Social and Health Services

  • King County, WA, Records and Licensing Service

  • State of WA Auditors Office

  • State of Washington Lean Office

  • Grant County Washington Public Utilities District

  • Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

Food & farming

  • Wonderful Pistachios

land development

  • Imagine Group (Australia)

  • Turner Construction


  • Brand Implementation Group (Germany)