Personal Kanban on Facebook and.

image We’ve started a Facebook group for Personal Kanban, a dedicated web site is on the way, and a book is in development. I’m still tweeting about personal kanban through my personal twitter.  If you want to read the existing personal kanban series, just click the link!

We really weren’t expecting personal kanban to take off like this. This inadvertently added to our workload (making our personal kanban even more important!)

As always, if anyone is working with personal kanban, we’d love to see you post your experiences and pictures on twitter, on your blogs, in the facebook group, or contact us and we’ll have you guest-blog on the upcoming personal kanban site!  Everyone’s stories are as individual as their work is. The more stories we can gather from different individuals and groups, the more we can punctuate how this is an adaptive tool and *not* a one-size-fits-all personal management pipe dream.