Modus Cooperandi Makes Knowledge Work Manageable

Successful organizations need to turn ideas into action. The days where you could hire someone, train them in repetitive tasks, and leave them to repeat those tasks over and over are gone. Today, all employees must have some knowledge of computers, need to react to changes in context, and innovate. Unfortunately, most business practices are from an era where repetitive work was the goal.

We work with clients with very specific goals:

  • Help knowledge workers understand how they create value
  • Help organizations understand the natural variation in knowledge work
  • Define ways to better estimate by measuring true task completion times
  • Understand the capacity of work for the individual, the team, and the organization
  • Create productive meetings and decrease the need for costly status updates
  • Visualize knowledge work using tools like Personal Kanban that help in tracking and management
  • Understand why plans routinely go over-budget and over-time
  • How to identify and solve problems as they arise

Our aim is to create teams that focus on continuous improvement and, as such, can always communicate what they are creating, what state of development it is in, what impediments to completion they face, and why they are creating that particular product.

Watch the site for case studies, check out the books from Modus Press, and take a look at our client list.

And, of course, contact us if you have any questions.