Beyond Agile: Tales of Continuous Improvement Published

Beyond AgileAfter two years of hard work by Maritza van den Heuvel and Joanne Ho, we are excited to announce the Kindle publication of Beyond Agile: Tales of Continuous Improvement. Beyond Agile is:

  • Case Studies in Lean/Agile teams involved in continuous improvement
  • Examinations in the use of visual controls like kanban for knowledge workers
  • Truthful and sometimes painful stories of teams and organizations working for better process

Presented through 10 case studies spread over four continents, Beyond Agile shows that process improvement is owned by no single process, no single school of thought, and no single culture. Whether in India, Spain, South Africa, or the United States, these teams of knowledge workers faced very similar problems, but in very different political, economic, and social environments. Their path of continuous improvement, however, was universal.

These teams saw problems and attempted to fix them. Sometimes with great success, sometimes requiring they go back and try again. But they did not simply complain or ignore the issues.

Many of these stories build on Corey Ladas' book, Scrumban.

The print version of this book is due out in April 2013.

Personal note from Jim Benson:

Maritza and Joanne poured a lot of effort into getting this book to publication. I want to personally thank them and congratulate them, but also ...

Please! From you two things:

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.. and, of course, check out the book.