Get Teams Optimized.

Effective work and management comes with the exposure to new ideas and ways of working. All three of these workshops are designed not only to teach the material, but to provide the groups with a foundation for continued learning and problem solving.

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Workshop Topics:

The three workshops have been delivered on six continents with companies and groups of all sizes.

Introduction to Personal Kanban: Manage work and projects visually with Personal Kanban.  Attendees will learn

  • How to build an effective Personal Kanban.
  • What is a value stream?
  • How to populate an effective backlog
  • How work flows / how to measure flow
  • Cycle times / Throughput
  • The psychology of work
  • Why Limit work-in-process (WIP)?
  • How to effectively limit WIP
  • How to communicate success
  • How to communicate necessary change
  • How to manage shared resources
  • Push, Pull, Slack, and Churn
  • Bottlenecks, Work starvation, and ways to cure them

Introduction to Lean Project Management: Learn the basics of Lean. Attendees will learn:

  • What is Lean?
  • How to translate Toyota to the office
  • Visualizing work
  • The dangers of local optimization
  • The role of variation in knowledge work
  • Building a coherent backlog
  • How to schedule work in small batches
  • The value of testable hypotheses
  • How to better estimate
  • How to communicate capacity and workload
  • How to release on-time

Root Cause Analysis / Better Retrospectives: Learn how to do real Root Cause Analysis and define Retrospective improvement opportunities.

  • How to generate options with a group
  • How to generate shared definitions with a group
  • How to see other people’s view of a problem
  • How to narrow down options to find root causes
  • How to build problem descriptions
  • How to build an A3 or Kaizen Sheet to express, run, and test hypotheses.
  • How to make sure improvement actions are actually acted upon.

All Packages: Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry will come to your location to both train and coach management and staff in Lean Project Management and kanban.

Two Days: Two day events focus solely on training the course materials.  Two day events are useful for initial exposure to concepts and ideas.

Three Days: Three day events involve two days of training and one day of coaching. During the first two days of training, instructors become familiar with attendees, team context, and how work is currently getting done. The third day focuses on implementation, coaching specifically to demonstrated needs of the group (e.g. value stream mapping, work flow analysis, deeper metrics generation, or facilitated internal communication).

Five Days: Five day events involve two days of training and three days of intensive process workshops. For example, in the kanban class Attendees learn to visualize their work, achieve stable workflow, build their boards, communicate outside their group, plan effectively, recognize bottlenecks, and augment their processes as project context changes.

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