Launch Your Project Right.

Launch Ready is a one-week intensive session to get new teams or teams with new project from the launchpad to flight. We train teams in the latest techniques to plan, communicate, and deliver value in a changing enviornment. This training teaches teams that projects change over time. Successful teams can spot change as it occurs and adapt. This requires strong problem identification and solving skills as well as skills to alter a project's trajectory in order to reach the target.

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“Our time with Modus Cooperandi was the most successful consulting engagement I have ever seen.” ~ Simon Marcus, COO of The Library Corporation 

We have conducted Launch Ready events around the world. These are intense events that create enduring and robust processes for the teams. Your project, your team, and your product are all unique. Don’t abandon them to a canned process. Teach them to inspect, adapt, and build their own.

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Alaine MackenzieOverhaul Your Process: Launch Ready