Have Effective Meetings

Your company spends perhaps millions of dollars on its people. Your people envision, design, build, and sell your products. They know your customers, your market, and they are the first to see upcoming threats.

Your meetings are the place where these people gather to stay in alignment, react to change, plan strategy and tactics, and implement ideas. You cannot afford a boring, pointless, or meandering meeting.

Lean Coffee  directly addresses this by drawing out good ideas from all participants, opening conversation, and focusing on learning and action.

Lean Coffee is used regularly at companies like Spotify, Comcast, JP Morgan, and Starbucks. There are over 130 spontaneous Lean Coffees worldwide every week.

Hire Modus

At Modus Cooperandi, we invented Lean Coffee and have taken it to every client engagement we have had since.

In-House:  Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry visit on-site and run a set of one-hour trainings and Lean Coffees. Local facilitated Lean Coffees focus on using the tool not only to run meetings, but to engage in root cause analysis of existing issues.

Remote: (Great for distributed teams.) Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry host a 2 hour on-line Lean Coffee. There is about 30 minutes of training and discussion, then 90 minutes of Lean Coffee and wrap-up. This focuses on getting the team members regularly talking, taking artifacts (to-dos and learning opportunities), and having effective meetings.

Kaizen Camps: Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry can host a Kaizen Camp at your organization. This is one or two days of highly focused conversations on how teams work, how products are being created, and how people improve. Kaizen Camp is an excellent way to run a retrospective for a team, a group, or an organization.

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Jim BensonFacilitated Lean Coffee and Lean Coffee Training