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Board Walks are half or full day visits to teams within an organization. We discuss how they currently work, what is impeding their work, and any issues that impact either team health or personal happiness. We then use Lean techniques to help the team understand, examine, and solve these issues. If the teams already have a kanban or Personal Kanban, we discuss the boards in detail, making sure they are optimized to their specific needs.

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Thanks again!!!  The accolades regarding your keynote and your visit to CBA continue to pour in. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us yesterday and sharing your observations and insights. I saw lots of “ah ha!” light bulbs going off, including experiencing some of my own. I am now thinking about how we can talk in plain language about our Agile practices and how to create more sustainable connections to help us scale more broadly. As well as how to make sure the team doesn’t get complacent.”  – Jody Weir, Commonwealth Bank Australia, Sydney

We have conducted over one hundred Board Walks in seven countries and across the United States. Each Walk is as individual as the team and the work the team is doing.

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Check out this white paper and case study. It shows what we found on one particularly fruitful engagement.

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