Why Retrospectives?

Small adjustments can make all the difference. In both Agile and Lean management there are points called “retrospectives,” regular and ritualized moments where a team stops to reflect. Checking processes for only a few minutes lets you re-orient the course of your work. These retrospectives allow a team the opportunity not only to celebrate or bemoan accomplishments or setbacks, but likewise to … Read More

modusWhy Retrospectives?

Why Limit Work in Progress?

Too many things in the air at once can be dangerous. Posts about WIP. You have two hands. You can only juggle so many things at a time. The more you add, the more likely it is that you will drop something. When we promise work – we agree to juggle it.  When we start it – we start juggling. … Read More

modusWhy Limit Work in Progress?

Combating Existential Overhead

Overload is Overhead Existential Overhead – the cost in distraction and stress of uncompleted tasks. A few years back I started shopping around the concept of existential overhead. The concept is fairly straightforward.  There simply is no such thing as out of sight, out of mind. When you have a workload, you are always thinking about the individual elements of … Read More

modusCombating Existential Overhead

Building Your First Personal Kanban

The basic kanban: Waiting, Working, Done A quick trip through personal kanban design patterns demonstrates how they can be created using any number of materials. This tutorial illustrates how to build the most common personal kanban. Step One: Establish Your Value Stream Value Stream (vly strm): The flow of work from the moment you start to when it is finished. The … Read More

modusBuilding Your First Personal Kanban

What is a Kanban?

A kanban is a tool to visualize, organize, and complete work. The first official use of kanban can be traced to Taiichi Ohno’s work at Toyota. He needed a way to quickly communicate to all workers how much work was being done, in what state it was, and how the work was being done. His goal was to make work … Read More

modusWhat is a Kanban?

Modus Cooperandi

Modus Cooperandi combines backgrounds in agile management, lean processes and social software to help clients collaborate.

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