Introducing Collaberwocky – Collaboration Conversations

For years I have been trying to get myself to do an interview show. There was one problem – interviews are not very collaborative.

After doing Lean Coffees for a few years and hosting Lean Camp Seattle last year, it became clear to me that conversation creates information – and that was compelling.

So we launched Collaberwocky, a series of conversations about collaboration.

This runs exactly like a Lean Coffee. We get together with a few participants, we build a kanban, vote on what we’d like to discuss, then we discuss.

The first five episodes are with Corey Ladas, author of Scrumban, and Jabe Bloom, CTO of the Library Corporation.

This first Episode is “Intentional Cooperation” in which we discuss creating teams and processes that intentionally foster collaboration.

modusIntroducing Collaberwocky – Collaboration Conversations

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  1. Juli Marsh

    Love this idea. Lots of great ideas being discussed. I will definitely continue to watch, and share these.

  2. Don Cox

    Great first effort.

    I would have liked to see the initial organizing process. I would love to see an example of this way of organizing meetings/conversations.

    On the point that Jabe was exploring about peoples varying desires or tolerances for structure/direction/checklist. I agree strongly with Cory that part of it individual differences. I think there are also two other factors a play.

    The easiest to dispense with the role of education. Most of us in the US, and maybe the world over, are trained for many years, often through undergraduate, that success is about discovering the right way to do it and matching the instructor/graders expectation. I think the fact that Jabe’s background is in fine art might point to some different experiences in that regard.

    The greater challenge is in dealing with different levels of expertise. One thing that I take to be a universal truth is that there is a stage in all learning where the learner must operate in a rule-based fashion. Call it the Dreyfus model or Shu Ha Ri or whatever. Failure to offer rules or process or practice strikes me as a failure of instruction.

    On a philosophical note, we can’t invent everything from scratch. Are artists expected to invent perspective each individually by themselves? I was reading recently about someone who tried to make a toaster from scratch (I think as part of a Design PhD) and gave it up as too difficult.

    I’m looking forward to the future episodes.


    Process note:
    Where did the 18 minutes come from? It felt to me like you weren’t done.

    Technical note:
    The embedded video is being clipped on the right by the right hand column on the site. It doesn’t fit into the content column. This is on Chrome on Win7 desktop.

    Technical wish:
    It might be useful if comments on the blog could somehow be linked or reflected to, in, or with, comments on youtube.

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