One Kid’z Kanban Board

Sometimes I tell my 6-year old daughter to clean her room. Then she argues, maybe runs to the next room, or she starts to clean up but gets bored, overwhelmed or distracted. Pretty soon she is playing or reading a book. The nagging starts again. This cycle is not fun for either of us. There are plenty of “chore charts” … Read More

modusOne Kid’z Kanban Board

On Time Sheets: Personal Kanban and Life’s Little Annoyances

Some managers have to resort to public humiliation to get employees to submit their time sheets. “Where is your time sheet?” “I’ll get it to you.” “But it was due two hours ago.’” “Look, I’m really busy, okay, and I just don’t have time to figure out all that I did the past week.” “Do you want to get paid?” … Read More

modusOn Time Sheets: Personal Kanban and Life’s Little Annoyances

GTD & Kanban: Series Overview

For a long time I have been a Getting Things Done (GTD) advocate in both my personal and professional life, starting from the basics and working my way up to a full blown implementation in various paper and electronic forms over the years.  GTD has been a huge help, yet I have always felt there is something missing in my … Read More

modusGTD & Kanban: Series Overview

What is a Kanban?

A kanban is a tool to visualize, organize, and complete work. The first official use of kanban can be traced to Taiichi Ohno’s work at Toyota. He needed a way to quickly communicate to all workers how much work was being done, in what state it was, and how the work was being done. His goal was to make work … Read More

modusWhat is a Kanban?

Modus Cooperandi

Modus Cooperandi combines backgrounds in agile management, lean processes and social software to help clients collaborate.

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