Tonianne is partner and principle consultant at Modus Cooperandi, co-author of the Shingo Research and Publication Award winning Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life, and the upcoming Why Kanban Works and Kidzban. She is co-founder of Kaizen Camp™, the continuous improvement un-conference with events held worldwide and Modus Institute, the online school specializing in 21st Century management thinking.

Passionate about the roles collaboration, value-creation, and happiness play in “the future of work,” and appreciative of the ways in which Lean thinking can facilitate these ends, she works with clients globally to create cultures of continuous improvement via business environments that are more humanistic than mechanistic. Ones where effectiveness is valued over productivity, where learning and continuous improvement is ongoing, and where innovation can take hold. Where healthier, fulfilling, and more integrated lives can result, the effects of which can prove profound to both business and by extension, society.

She has drawn from her experiences to assist clients as varied as The World Bank, The United Nations, Comcast, Riot Games, and the State of Washington. Merging her history and business backgrounds she’s helped individuals gain a clear understanding of their past and present contexts to establish priorities, achieve goals, and make informed and innovative decisions. With her Federal and State clients especially, Tonianne has bridged the gap between historic and current systems, giving government workers, their leadership, and their stakeholders much-needed transparency into the context in which their processes emerged, the impacts of variation on those processes, and how to improve those processes in ways that will be sustainable.

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